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Helios Volt – Revolutionising Energy Solutions

by | Jul 2, 2023 | News

Helios Volt is an innovative solar solution from Crowd House Energy, aimed at businesses seeking sustainable energy generation options. This cutting-edge modular solar canopy system allows organizations to make a powerful statement about their commitment to the environment while benefiting from a range of practical advantages.

Helios Volt

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Creates a positive customer reaction to the company’s climate credentials
  • Offers a superior parking experience with protection from sun and rain
  • Ensures minimal parking disruption during installation due to modular design
  • Comes with LED under-canopy lighting and no need for grid-powered lighting
  • Designed for disassembly and reuse if parking areas need repurposing
  • The entire system can generate energy without sending it to the grid

Helios Volt serves as the first step towards establishing an onsite microgrid and a net-zero future. The canopy system boasts a 30-year power life expectancy and ensures guaranteed, fixed-cost electricity. As businesses adapt to e-mobility, Helios Volt provides measured implementation of charge points to cater to business profiles, enhancing customer and staff satisfaction ratings.

The solution integrates a Smart Energy Storage System, utilizing solid-state Lithium-ion batteries, and a smart energy management system to control site energy delivery for optimal use of onsite renewable energy generation (OREG) and grid-tied electricity.

Developed and designed entirely in the UK, Crowd House Energy brings 60+ years of combined expertise in construction and energy sectors, identifying a niche for megawatt scale OREG. The company’s focus on improving project delivery times and utilizing advanced technology gives its clients the most powerful outcomes in renewable energy solutions.

Helios Volt’s unique design minimizes civil work by using ballasted structures and offsite manufacturing, reducing installation time from 500 hours to just 150 hours. This translates into less disruption on busy parking sites and enables a faster return to full operations.

In conclusion, Helios Volt represents a game-changing solution in the field of sustainable energy generation. Being modular, user-friendly, and powerful, it not only supports the business transition to green alternatives, but also positively impacts the environment and community wellbeing.