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Helios Volt® uses our Hypernova™ bifacial PV modules, outperforming all other parking canopy arrays.

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A solar parking canopy is a dual-purpose stand-alone structure providing shelter for vehicles and visitors from the weather, while producing clean on-site renewable energy generation.

Unlike rooftop solar which is limited by roof space, design, and connectivity, solar canopies offer a more dynamic solution for integrating solar power. They can be built on pre-existing developed land, eliminating the need to find additional space to build on. They can be easily deconstructed and moved to a new location if a site is looking to expand, making them future proof and adaptable to all environments.

What are solar parking canopies?

Helios Volt® is a Bifacial Solar PV parking canopy that converts sunlight to electricity, from both sides of the modules in a process known as Albedo. The rear PV cells boost energy output by harvesting defused and reflected irradiance. In optimal conditions, we have calculated an average of 20% with an optimal increase of 35% in comparison to monofacial PV canopies.

Helios Volt® is assembled offsite at our factory in Newcastle upon Tyne and delivered to site in 3 sections: Precast Base, Steel Structure and finally our Hypernova™ module.

Our modular construction method allows us to manufacture Helios Volt® under controlled conditions, ensuring the whole process has been quality assured and tested before it leaves the factory. The canopy is then partially assembled on site, reducing installation time by up to 70% and creating less disruption to customers using your asset.

Energy delivery

Each Hypernova™ module has a PV collector area of 24.85m² with both the rear and top cells being encased within a double glass encapsulated construction, providing additional durability.

The Power of Hypernova™ modules is unmatched with each module containing 1,056 Bifacial HJT solar cells producing an optimal 6,320 kWh. This combined with our advanced delivery system of a 30-year workmanship warranty, along with a 30-year linear performance warranty, ensures clean reliable energy for years to come.

Our simulations have calculated an 80-bay car park with optimal conditions (Azimuth Due South – Angle of Tilt 15°) and module output (6,320 kWh) would generate 261.4MWh and slash carbon emissions by 50.5 tonnes Co²e.

Free Standing

Free Standing (FS)

Free-Standing variant (FS) uses a fully demountable mono-pitch canopy structure that is assembled off-site and landed into position. By using a self-ballasted precast base to support the structure, the canopy does not require any major civils to lay the foundations. This minimises Helios Volts® environmental impact by slashing scope 3 emissions, reducing on site installation time by 70% while retaining the original aesthetics of the site.

Permanent Foundation

Permanent Foundation (PF)

Permanent Foundation variant (PF) is secured using steel reinforced foundation pads. This variant is better suited to spaces that experience high winds, such as coastal areas, or retail sites that require pedestrian walkways between parking bays.

Multistorey carpark

Multistorey (MRS)

Multistorey carpark variant (MSR) can be bolted is of a structural bespoke design, ensuring that through deck fixing are suited to the original construction design and meet all planning requirements.

Helios Volt ® Brochure

Helios Volt ® Brochure


Supernova ™

Supernova ™


HyperNova ™

HyperNova ™


Advanced Design Packages

Take advantage of our highly experienced design team by booking your Virtual Feasibility Study. Using helioscope, we can model your parking asset and generate a strong business case for adoption and implementation.

Choose from

  • Demonstrator
  • Partial Coverage
  • Full Coverage
  • Full with ESS

Key Performance Indicators

Helios Volt® incorporating Hypernova™ Modules, can turn the unused space above your parking asset into a valuable revenue stream.

  • Private Wire connections to your own buildings or tenants onsite.
  • EV Charge Points, slow to rapid can be supported by this powerful renewable energy generator, bypassing the need to involve DNO interventions and delays.
  • Energy Storage using Lithium Ion and other very promising technologies being evaluated providing 30 year life cycles as opposed to 10-12 years for Lithium.
  • Helios Vol® FS, a self-ballasted design very popular with our NHS clients whose estates are very dynamic and frequently change, FS fully demountable and flexible.
  • Embracing ESG decarbonisation guidance.
Helios Volt

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For our Virtual Feasibility Study service today

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Q and A

What makes Helios Volt® different from other canopies in this market space?

Answer, it is a factory assembled product based on three sections.

1. Prefabricated reinforced concrete base.
2. Galvanised steel structure.
3. Hypernova™ Bifacial PV Module.

What is the advantage of it being factory assembled?

Answer, two main advantages

1. The products are manufactured in controlled conditions, which allows us to monitor, and quality assure each step in the assembly process, the Hypernova™ Bifacial PV module is also electrically tested and is ready to be connected, as a plug and play device.

2. Factory assembled modules are quicker to install on site and can reduce construction time onsite by up to 70%.

Is Bifacial PV more efficient than ordinary PV Panels

Answer, Yes, Bifacial PV is on average 20% – 35% more powerful than standard monofacial PV panels by a process called Albedo which harvests solar irradiance from defused and reflected irradiance using additional rear collector cells.

Are bifacial systems more expensive than standard monofacial PV canopies

Answer, Yes and No, the advanced technology of Hetero Junction technology is slightly more expensive which can be seen by the longer term business case, offering a faster payback period and longer generation lifetime 30 years at 88%.

If we move sites can we take our canopies with us

Answer, Yes Helios Volt® FS is designed with flexibility in mind and is fully demountable the system of choice for dynamic estates such as the NHS who continue to expand there estate.

Do you also offer O&M contracts for the canopies

Answer, yes, we do CHE are very proud of our invention, and will be with you every step of the way by ensuring the system is cared for, ensures perfect energy output over the system life of 30 years.

Our financial summary deducts the cost of annual maintenance and considers the cost of a replacement inverter at year 20. This ensures the ROI is accurately updated.

Can I monitor my canopies online

Answer, Yes, you can we also use the system to ensure you are generating this is a free to use service from Solis our Inverter Manufacturer.

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