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Shinfield Studios


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Panels installed:

Trina Solar TSM-DE09.08 395w


Shinfield studios is a new UK film, TV studio and production hub currently in development in Reading that will offer nearly 1 million Sq ft of quality studio space. The owners of the site saw an opportunity to reduce their electricity costs by initially looking to install roof mounted Solar PV panels. The power generated from these panels would directly power the sound stage, helping them to meet their sustainable development goals in the process.

The initial design request to install a solar PV system for the studio roof had to be reassessed after several issues were raised. The sensitivity of the microphones used during recording meant any noise caused by wind vibrations from the roof panels would disrupt production. Another concern raised was the PV system being roof mounted as the temporary studio would be de-constructed within 3 years, as per the contract with Disney Studios.


Despite these problems, our project management led by Douglas Blackwell came up with an alternative solution, to satisfy the part L requirements, by installing a 30KW 12 bay solar PV parking canopy. This allowed Shinfield to make the most of their available space and generate their own source of renewable electricity. The modular design meant the canopy could be easily constructed on site, required no welding and was quick to install.


The 30KWP system generates 27,741kWh per year and cuts the sites carbon footprint by 5362KG of Co² per year. This will contribute towards Shinfield’s environmental objectives and reduce the studios reliance on buying their power from the grid.

This job was important for CrowdHouse as we learned from the limitations of mono-facial solar canopies and saw an opportunity to improve on this design, resulting in the development and launch of Helios Volt®.