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Onsite Renewable Energy Generation

by | Jul 2, 2023 | News

Crowd House Energy is a close-knit family-owned business with a strong passion for renewable energy generation and alternative fuels. Incorporated in 2019, the company boasts an impeccable success record in the renewable energy market over the years.

Their solid interest in renewable technologies prompted them to embark on a mission to drive change through innovation and positivity. They are committed to the responsible evolution of Onsite Renewable Energy Generation (OREG) and aim to achieve large-scale carbon reduction goals without causing collateral damage.

The expert team at Crowd House Energy continuously develops innovative power solutions, employing science-based engineering design. They ensure successful outcomes for clients and present a robust business case for a sustainable and compliant energy future.

Designed and assembled entirely in the UK, Crowd House Energy combines various offerings: full financial assessment with calculated Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), short payback times, and additional revenue streams both Infront and Behind the Meter.

The family and senior management team collectively bring to the table over 35 years’ experience in renewable energy and alternative fuels and over 60 years’ experience in the delivery of complex and strategic projects. They have successfully handled projects with values ranging from £20k to over £100m.

In summary, Crowd House Energy harnesses its extensive experience and innovative approach to drive sustainable change in renewable energy generation. They stay committed to their goal of powering change through innovation and positivity, thus paving the way for a sustainable and compliant energy future.